I got core count shamed by a client today. He has a 64 Core ryzen and I have a quad core I7.

I want to upgrade I do! But the new tech coming out this year is just too good to not wait for! Plus I waited 8 years, I can wait a few more months. Right????

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    ++waiting for the upgrade later this year too!
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    Who on earth need 64 cores on a desktop?
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    @crafter who runs either many programs or properly asynchronized programs that utilize a thread pool. Btw many browsers can execute pages on different threads so "many programs" is actually quite likely. I could do with 64 cores, but I can only afford old tech so 4 it is.
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    Damn I though I was doing good when I convinced the bosses to upgrade my old Precision M6800 (which I had to upgrade processor to i7 since it came with the same i5 as in my personal surface pro 2... and 32gb ram and an SSD myself back in 2015 to make better) to a new Precision with a 6 core i7... 64 cores... I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.
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    I myself would use all the cores
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    @crafter really depends on your workload. If you do 4k video rendering good chance you can use them all.

    @Lor-inc even properly asynchronous programs can have a major slowdown using all the cores when they are not computationally intensive enough. There will just be a lot of context switching going on.

    Opening Chrome with a bunch of extension will do though. Plenty of processes to go around (processes always have there own context/overhead more cores always better)
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    @hjk101 what I'm most curious of is what the perfect balance is for maximum cores for working while also being decent enough to game on, especially for VR.

    I'm ok not running a game at top spec, but I'd like to be within ~10ish fps of it if possible.

    I'm running vr on index at 144hz.

    Usually this will be a graphics card thing, but I don't want to hold it back with a cpu that can't let the pony gallop if you catch my drift.

    Very tough call here.
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    Throw an ASIC in their face
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