I spent four hours just getting my dev environment working again today.

Whenever I switch branches on this project, I keep to run a script that does migrations, seed data, test db setup, static test info, etc. etc. etc. It takes 12-15 minutes to run.

Today, that script failed.

Apparently one of its steps requires running some of the project's code to produce valid objects. Makes sense. However, my ticket involves breaking a crapton of models (removing accessors) which I've already done, and then patching the behavior, which I haven't. Which means a lot of things are currently broken. Makes sense why the script fails.

However, I can't run the script on a different branch and then switch back because that simply doesn't work (for reasons), so I needed to find some workaround. I eventually did, but every attempt cost me 12 minutes.

Today was not fun, and certainly not productive.

I wonder when they're going to fire me 😅

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    judging by ur previous rants I dont think your fireable
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    @sleek if she's fired it'll be (for reasons)
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    Nope she is not, she is where I want to be someday.

    Her rants are entertaining and educational.
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    I've wasted entire days on things like that and wasn't fired. Unfortunately it also doesn't make me feel suitable for a raise so it's a shitty feeling anyways.
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    @katbreitin Aw, thank you!

    It's hard to imagine someone finding my rants useful, but I'm so close all I can see is frustration. I'm glad my misery is beneficial somehow!
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    @Root oh you and @COD4 are pretty much the main content on this platforn
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    @sleek Username checks out "sleek" amirite 😉
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