Why can’t IE just die?!

I was sent home for almost 3 months due to the pandemic, when I came back on monday there was a major issue with page load speed on IE and some potential customer, had a test account and told us that the platform is taking forever too load and then came the hunt to fix what is asap, it was a very important customer that still uses IE

This happens last week, the only developer on the job last week, was 3 days trying to figure this out, no dice! then I come back on monday, then Im being reboarded and keep up to date what has been going on while away, then I am given that damn task on Wednesday and I’ve been tearing out my hair trying to fix this all week.

But today!

I fixed it!

The solution: npm update <package-name>

Great way to start up at work again *clap*

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    Because corporate types keep installing windows. As long as that is the case, some old fuck will keep insisting the world cater to their preferences.
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    @SortOfTested IT departments should uninstall it as part of setting up the computers.

    Fucking let it die. Time to adapt to the modern times or get off the train if you don't wanna be here.
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    @torbal all hail the king. You are the hero we need. <3
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    We no longer support it, but it still makes up ~10% of traffic.
    Some companies just refuse to stop using it.

    Beyond being functional enough to get from login to checkout and paying, I don't care if it works or not.

    Hell, we setup x-frame-options and enforced tls1.2 this year and had complaints immediately from that alone 😅

    Technology and standards keeps progressing by force, yet companies think they can stay 10 years behind the curve and get away with it.
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    Demons never die. IE will live forever.

    If humanity perishes and all traces of our civilization are vaporized, IE will still live on somewhere
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    my company strictly told me when i was hired:
    we hope you don't put any effort into making the products work on ie.
    oh please don't support ie, that's the last thing we need

    i think the best thing i did with that is for some internal project, if you were to visit it on ie, i'm now redirecting you to the firefox download page
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    afaik it's either powerful enough to block some viruses
    OR web devs don't care whether the website and scripts work on IE or not
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