I've been using Google Photos to serve images for clients E-Mail Templates since its a one time payment and I didnt want to continually pay for a server and storage.

Anyone knows if that violates any Google ToS since i use it pretty much commercially?
I couldnt find anything about that and was thinking about migrating the images to AWS

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    Best I can find is this:


    But it doesn't explicitly suggest you can't, it just says you can "host, reproduce, distribute, communicate, and use your content"
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    @C0D4 isn't that "distributing"?
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    @netikras host/distribute would be the right mix.

    There is a claus further down, giving them the right to use any public content for marketing purposes, and the right to remove any content they deem inappropriate, and the usual non liability to lost data stuff.
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    Perhaps imgur or something would be an alternative?
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    The problem is, *because* it's just a one time payment, Google could choose to just cancel the whole thing and delete those images at any time (and Google has a deserved reputation for pulling that sort of crap.)

    I'd look into S3 instead tbh. For a few images it'll be pennies per month, and you can near enough guarantee they're not going anywhere.
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    Yes. It does. Will they call you on it? Depends on the request volume. A part of Google still imagines itself to be just on the verge of shopping a successful social network so my guess is they'll regard it as viral content.
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    @ngCry put it on S3 or a small managed Hosting plan/vm which you probably have. Then use cloudflare free tier to reduce load on your site. Excellent CDN Performance and almost free!
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