Just a quick question for ppl that deploy websites through FTP: how are y'all deploying your sites?

Which tools do you use?

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    Years ago, I used WinSCP. Now I use git for everything I can, if git is not an option, regular scp works just fine.
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    The question should be a different one: Why whould you use FTP?

    Are there still valid (!) reasons for using FTP?

    Note: SFTP is something entirely different than FTP or FTPS.

    FTP shouldn't be used nowadays....
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    Don't you dare to use FTP for anything nowadays except for public files without authentication.
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    I use ssh. I log into the server and edit the files live, committing and pushing when the update is correct.
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    Gonna be SSH/rsync master race here and suggest a more secure method of deployment.
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    Filezilla ftw 😂
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    @IntrusionCM @PrivateGER @SortOfTested

    I asked not because I want to use it. I deploy with Github -> Actions -> EBCLI for most of the apps.

    I asked because it seems like a good period of time since I last heard about FTP usage for deploying apps and I wonder if it is still in use for some of you. ^^
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    FTP - nuke IT from the orbit.

    Nuff said.
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    At the place for which I work part time now you have to use a VPN + vs code over ssh to access the site's code.
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    I build docker images for homepages in a gitlab pipeline, login via ssh (also in the pipeline) and do the magic with docker-compose.
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    @R3ym4nn this.

    private docker registry for code.

    winscp/scp for small files.

    secure rsync over ssh for large files.
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    last time i did this, i just used windows explorer.

    open any folder, click into the address bar, type in the ftp address, good to go.
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