So I bought a gtx1650 gpu for my old phenom II X4 pc. It didn’t work – the screen vent black in like five minutes after powering up the pc.

I was disappointed, but instead of returning the gpu, I bought all the other components to build a new pc on ryzen cpu. Including the gpu, it all was like $400 and I still have all my old parts to sale.

Now I’m here, playing all the latest games like doom and wolfenstein on ultra in 1080p 60fps and I’m more than happy.

I basically found a way to convert my bad experience into good experience. I’m just off my therapy, so all that bad experiences that may seem insignificant are a big deal for me.

I didn’t knew it was possible to make a good emotions out of bad emotions that easy. If only I knew the way to apply this strategy for any arbitrary situation.

(please miss me with that boomer bullshit like “nothing is wrong stop whining and get over it” etc. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I needed medical treatment afterwards. “Getting over it” just doesn’t work)

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    Share pics of your setup and game plays?
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    Proof that money makes life better.
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    @asgs it’s not that impressive like what those guys on YouTube build. Just your average joe’s budget gaming setup
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    @uyouthe at a first look, looks like a dance club with white smoke

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    @WildPotato I was making twice of my current salary when I was working for an YC startup and I was living in a nightmare. Not because of that particular company but because of depression which I had back then. I vent to my local hospital because I didn’t knew any better and they prescribed a wrong medication which made things significantly worse.

    Money doesn’t always make life better. Money gave me nothing. But mental health sure as heck does.
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    @uyouthe buying a gaming pc is best medication for most of the psychological problems. Nice setup, have fun :)
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    just bought a 1660 and now I don't have the money to get the rest of my pc upgraded. lets hope the fx 6100 can cope with it
    it should, but it still needs an upgrade
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