Those of you who like "The Imitation Game", you probably want to check out "Hidden Figures" (2016). It's on Netflix now.

About a team of female African-American mathematicians who wanted to "break the glass ceiling" in NASA.
- Dorothy : conquered the (recently acquired) IBM frameworks using Fortran and taught her team to program it
- Mary : appealed to court to be allowed to study in a all-white school to get her qualification to be an aerospace engineer
- Katherine : her skills in analytical geometry enabled her to be the first female African-American in the Space Task Group in calculating the momentous capsule launch into orbit

My lazy ass just can't fathom how someone who deals with so much math and pressure can still smile to their family after work. My grumpiness nature will surely turn me into a monster.

And now I know what "human computers" means.

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    Just you and me it seems 😿
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    I heard the term before and the film gave me a better feeling for it.
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    I watched Hidden Figures some time ago and I kinda liked it but it was also meh. It had really good moments but at other times it felt like it could have been a much better movie. In the end I don't regret watching it but I'm also disappointed.
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    Oh it's simple, you get addicted to it, and before you know reality becomes boring as hell, to the point where you get into some serious adrenaline sport as nothing else gets your juices flowing anymore.

    Source: Help, it's happening to everyone in the office! (me included)
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