Oh my... Downloading dependencies on the hospital's network is a sloooowwww draaaagg. It's almost like hospitals aren't suitable for developers!

Joke aside, I'm enjoying my orange while waiting for that download to finish and it occurred to me - an orange - a food that very strongly associates with a hospital in our country! And a mandarine is a fruit that means "Christmas!!!" I believe that's a legacy in post-soviet countries :)

And here's my question. Do you, folks in other countries, also have any foods (preferably something rather ordinary) that have strong similar associations? Not necessarily Christmas or hospitals though :)

(I can guess rutee's association :) )

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    I associate apples with youth and vigor. They're the fruits of Iduna.

    If you've ever gone completely exhausted from physical activity and then enjoyed an apple, you know why.
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    In Italy, lentils symbolize good fortune, so they are associated with New Year's Eve, but also weddings.
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    Also, in the Americas, a pineapple symbolizes hospitality. I have heard once that if you are a guest and the host replaces a pineapple, this means it's time to leave. Not sure if this is really true or ever happens though.
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    Delivering another baby already?
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    @electrineer the same one :) It refused to be delivered 2 months ago, so we had to wait until today.

    The baby has already been delivered and probably thrown away :)
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    Mandarines, Oranges, Fondue = Christmas
    Chocolate, Boiled Eggs = Easter
    Peanuts, Walnuts = St. Niklas day
    Whiskey = Every Day
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    In my country mango associates with everything
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    Cloves smell like Christmas.
    Especially with a bit of nutmeg.
    Maybe pineapple too.
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