Get dressed up before her parents open the door.

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    Pull out before the sperm reaches the egg. Oh wait, it's too late.
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    Get laid before death.
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    @rutee07 Nah mate, it's like with venom: you need to use your mouth.
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    What if her mom is as hot as she is?
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    Is this a social person joke that I'm too loner to understand?
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    You think that's impossible just wait til it's her husband and they don't live in a full size house 🙄
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    @Jilano I tried that, the cum overflows from the mouth and reaches wherever it wants to go anyway. Last time, someone drowned.
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    @M1sf3t Why is that comment so "you"? 😄
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    @rutee07 Everyone knows many women tend to hide their ring whenever he's nearby!
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    @Jilano His magnetic abs attract the ring and dissolves it. "Nu-uh, you're married no more. Come here, babes."
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    @rutee07 That's one of the theory indeed! Good luck explaining that to your husband/wife, though...
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    @Jilano you'd be amazed at what some people will believe to avoid seeing what's right in front of them
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    @M1sf3t You can't stop right after saying that! We need a story!

    @rutee07 @C0D4 Come over here, lads
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    @Jilano sorry i was trying to work out how much of it would sound believable and fell asleep. The short is a friend of mine introduced to a girl one night at the club that had just split up with her man a couple days before. Only come to find out they didn't split up, he had just went to jail.

    This information not finding its way to me until he's fumbling on the lock on the front door. Luckily this was one of weird kinda suites were the first bedroom had two exits, one through the bathroom by the front door and the other leading into the living room. She managed to catch him at the bathroom door and lead him into the bedroom while i hit the couch with a pillow and blanket.

    They talked for a few mins before he realized i was there then when he finally noticed she explained that she knew me from the bar and i didn't have anywhere to stay that night.
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    @M1sf3t Ha! That must have been an interesting thing to witness!

    I hope you thanked that odd American architect to design such a house. (I'd bet he had that exact situation in mind)
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