Please do rename the "master" branch to "Führer". The umlaut will probably catch a bunch of applications that aren't UTF-8 ready.

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    I bet they did Nazi that coming!
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    'Master branch' in German would be 'Hauptzweig' or something. Try and pronounce that!
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    I find it offensive that you are saying something is not "complient". It's opressive. UTF-8 is not any better than UTF-7 or UTF-9.

    I demand that we stop using names of technical standars, they are all equal!
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    Let ze Umlaut korrumpier ze GitHub Systeme.
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    In all seriousness, this is probably the best way to prevent the change. Lots and lots of backlash is sometimes the answer.
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    are they also gon change the servers from like 'master' server and the 'slave' servers. think about documenting the whole stuff....
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    chaotic good
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    @unspoiledbrat in Uni we were told to use Master/worker, although I don’t know how that’s any better
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    @dder , That don't even make sense. "I am a worker, I need to report to my master". WTF?

    I think we just need to replace everything with random character sequences.

    Master branch: kldfg99383jldfs0###

    Development branch: llls04)¤¤lkkdwww

    Also for the hardware, master and slave ports are to be renamed to "that port" and "that other port".
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    @thatDude also it’s that thinking of one thing leads and other things do things according to the leader... that also fucks people off...
    Oh maybe also I should not use the term “leader”... could be mixed up with hitler easily...

    Point is: that fucks me off! Just be specific on that thinks and stop implying shit where there is none. Don’t you have better things todo ? Seriously.
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    @thatDude The constructed "otherness" of the so called "other port" is very problematic.
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    @klutch Collectivize branches to keep them up-to-date
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    This is evil, I love it!
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