What's your current remote work policy?

Our CEO said we have to go back to office next week, despite government strongly recommends to work from home. He says "I don't care what government says, government is not paying our salaries. We need to produce value in this company!"


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    Launch denial of service attacks on your boss
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    @asgs not on his computer, but on himself
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    I would not go for any reason.

    Our company did that two weeks ago. Three days after we went back to the office while applying "social distancing" policies, a co-worker's father tested positive for having COVID 19. We all went back to working from home and the company sent a whatsapp message with that afterwards.

    No one told us what happened to our co-worker (whether he tested positive or not) and we all lived in fear. Thank God I did not contact him (or anyone pretty much) in any form.

    So no, do your best to still work from home. If not, do not contact or be close to anyone under any circumstances.
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    Forward his email to your insurance provider at work.

    He'll change his tune pretty damn quickly when they threaten to drop everyone or raise rates.
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    I'll marry your CEO. He's a badass

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