Am I the only one who feels offended by the stupidity of who feels offended by the term "master" in GitHub?

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    No one's offended. That's just marketing stuff
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    @halfflat It is, is just a word and moreover in this context it has nothing to do with slavery and is not addressed to any person. How is this even a thing?
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    Next Up!
    Disney change "Master Yoda" to "Primary Yoda"
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    Are you also offended by your own stupidity of being offended by people who get offended by this? (/sarcasm)
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    @nonox kind of 🤔
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    Initially I thought that was a joke.
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    Change --force to nudge while you're at it.
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    So when are we changing "white spaces"?
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    I don't get why these things are blown out of proportion.

    I'm just thinking about the development effort on Github's side for making this "simple" change.
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    Not offended but extremely annoyed.
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    I learned today that this woke movement is actually becoming a cult like religion. It punishes all who disagree by labeling them racist. The cult like activities tend to isolate the prospective members and suggest they push everyone away who does not agree. This creates an echo chamber environment for indoctrination. If you search around you should be able to find information on this. At least until the woke tech companies filter it out of search results.

    The whole idea that words are bad is a way to give those words power. With that power comes control and sway over people. Saying that political beliefs are racist or evil or whatever gives people justification for dismissing arguments that are otherwise valid. It further contributes to division of the population. It is all about driving a wedge of hate. The media feeds this, politicians feed this, and the goal is disruption and discontent. End goal is radical socialization.
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