Tldr; my "this is not bug, its a feature" moment actually turned my bug into a feature.

Today we were presenting a project which has imposible deadline. I am developing this small project alone (which is probably good). I implemented core features first but I know project still have bugs and a lot of tech debts. Another friend started to presenting our demo and a wild bug appeared as expected. He was adding rows to a table. To add a new you gotta open new modal by clicking + button and fill the form. One of the fields had a bug. When you add row by clicking Ok button, the value of the field stayed there after you open modal again. So its basically a state problem in React. I forgot to clear previous state of modal. When they see that and my friend said "oh we got a bug there". Then I enabled my mic and said "thats not a bug, thats a feature. I didn't want to enter that field again and again when I adding multiple rows and made it persistent." and you know what? They liked the idea! They requested to add that bug to two more fields. I was just joking and my "this is not bug, its a feature" moment actually turned my bug into a feature. Instead of fixing it, I'm creating more of this bug. LOL!

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    haha nice one . happened to me a long time ago when i was making an app for my mom (I do java/kotlin app dev btw) . turns out people like to have their fields populated with old data , if they are rarely changing the value for that particular field .

    Although a better way to implement such feature would be to add something like suggestions or autocomplete from the last entered entries
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    QOL improvements are something that can save tons of time.
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    You know stuff is wild when the CLIENT asks you to add the same bug to two more places
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    "I'm gonna do what's called a 'pro developer move'"
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    Can I hire you to turn bugs into features?
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