Anyone else get a real kick out of the fact that Microsoft has their own version control, but they still use Git for Windows?

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    Didn't they move away from their own version control in favour of got a couple years ago?
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    Yeah, I think they did. This talk of Edge on Linux brought MS back up in my social circles, and this came to mind again
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    @jschmold Edge on Linux...? Not too surprising, but I don't know who'll use it besides web developers testing for compatibility.
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    Yeah, I know I won't. Microsoft has waaaaaaaaaay passed the Time to Market window on seizing market share. Chrome is everywhere, and nobody is gonna use Edge. The fact that seeing Firefox in the wild now is surprising just goes to show how Google owns the browser monopoly like Microsoft owns the OS monopoly
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    Just like they have their own server operating system yet they use Linux for that
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