FrontEnd developper :

Hello here is the STATIC page you asked. Only takes 300 MB of frameworks to make it work.

Are these people on crack or something ?

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    But it looks great doesn't it??

    The only thing I hate is devs using tons of frameworks only to make shitty looking site
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    I bet there are ten different sliders in it -_-
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    Bloated shit is everywhere. Downloading 3 MB for displaying 500 bytes of useful text is rather the norm than the exception.

    Last year, I rewrote a jQuery plugin to eliminate jQuery because that got the page load from 48kB down to 18kB - including markup, styles, script for an interactive widget and animated SVG graphics.

    Btw, congrats for the 2k score:
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    Tell me about it. Most of the time people just throw in some random framework just so they have it. For most smaller project any bigger framework is just overkill
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    I considered making a small personal website, like a blog maybe, and looked at the options.
    It'd ridiculous how bloated everything is at this point. I'd probably opt for a static site generator using markdown or whatever.
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    Unfortunately, a lot of frontend devs have no relation to code delivery, they only think about how to make it. This is mostly obfuscated behind frameworks, although you can also blame the NPM dependency tree.

    There is also a lot of newbie frontend devs these days because of how fast the web evolves (the web should do every possible thing because it would be cross platform and designers are constantly finding new design requirements).

    I am at least hoping something will be done to NPM because it has spiraled out of control and that they will go back to native applications where it makes sense (WebAssembly is another possibility though)
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    @Fast-Nop yeah ! thanks !
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    @theuser No one remembers quen 1 plugin was removed like 3 years ago (Some shitty stuf) and it broke "half" of websites ?
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    Update, next week it will my role to say to a new front end dev that he canforget about his npm/yarn/whatever stack and he needs to uise visual studio.

    That's gonna be fun !
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    It's a problem, but frameworks get you jobs so folks study those.

    Nobody hires " just knows HTML / css" or "can code the hell out of a static site".

    So yeah they spend their time with frameworks.
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    @N00bPancakes im studying the fundementals instead of frameworks. everything is saner when you actually know how it works and it is consequently easier to switch frameworks.
    build your profession on a foundation of concrete not clay.
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