I wonder..

With all this master/slave/blacklist/whatever.. do people realize this is in a way increasing racism? In a sense that we are again focusing on races, differences, historical mistakes, etc. That we are turning all this and similar fuss into a social joke instead of moving on and living our lives normally. That companies are using the difference of races as a way to spread their names. Sometimes as political measures

Are you folks really okay with all of this? Don't you feel being used/abused again? Do you ever consider that racism is just a mean of getting more attention and more $$ for the companies?

I am not pro-racism, but I find it difficult to accept those who suffer/have suffered from it are okay with all this show.

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    It's not a fight for equality, it's a fight for dominance. The same way narcissists play the victim while controlling their actual victims through guilt-tripping, demonizing, and emotional sabotage. While some may have good points, others just know they can't fight fair and achieve power through intellect or whatever. *Some* of these victims are racists themselves.
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    This reminds me of a university here who used to be known as "the university" where only the smartest ones can enter and where the best graduates come from. That was until the students started joining rallies instead of attending their classes then they go on social media preaching about being heroes and making changes.

    At work, that's all they bring to the table. Complain, make a fuss about EVERYTHING, and be entitled to just be given whatever they THINK they deserve. It came to a point where the graduates from small Colleges are more skilled and reliable than the university graduates.
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    That's the point.

    A divided country is easier to coerce and control. An angry country is much more open to suggestion. And if you fabricate what people are so angry about, it's easy to play the savior when you get what you want.

    This isn't about helping end racism.
    It's about politics and power.
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    Wait until these morons force laws that forbids using one's race in any context. Then people may become ill or even die.

    After all, the norm range of some medical parameters depends on one's race, and if that is eliminated, either healthy people will get therapy until they're ill, or ill people will not get therapy.
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    do they (leftists) realize this is a way of increasing racism?

    the larger part of the group, the indoctrinated useful idiots, don't because they're indoctrinated.

    the smaller part of the group, the primary indoctrinators, do, and it's precisely what they want, because it gives them power.
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    I think you're overlooking the fact that some people decided to name relations between software components based on wording that might offend a minority. I think most of us are actually part of some minority and we would understand the outrage better if you put yourself in the shoes of your minority and imagine software terms being inspired by people insensitive to you.

    I think this debate would be more widely supported if the namings were inspired by something more obviously wrong, like the indian caste system or fascist terms from the 40's. But essentially, this is the same situation.
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    @andrewoc The only ones who "complained" are white middle class kids who have nothing useful to do with their lives.

    Also, take a look into rap texts. That's a measure of how far talk can go without being regarded as actually offensive to anyone.
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    > Wait until these morons force laws that forbids using one's race in any context

    I almost see it going the other way and services are forced to be 'equal'

    Doc: "I've got some good news and bad news. You have cancer"

    Patient: "Whats the good news?"

    Doc: "That's the good news. The bad news is the President Clinton's Universal Healthcare system dictates we can only treat so many people of your race. If you were a Clinton-crat, or a member of a disenfranchised minority group like a MLB player, I could fudge a little on the paperwork"

    Patient: "I'm a Libertarian and work as software developer for a company that will soon break the DNA gene sequence that controls aging. If it's about money, that isn't going to be a problem"

    Doc: "Ha ha, you Libertarians and economic freedom. Look on the bright side, when you're dead, that's one less of your race in the gene pool. All hail Hillary!*"

    *inside joke that Biden will concede and Hillary will swoop in to take the nomination
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    This is all preparation for an installment of a one world government. Just look at the tactics being employed to cause hate and discontent. Do we want people who are willing to do this in charge?
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    actually, i don't agree with this. they're only racist when taken out of context.
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    I'm reminded of a social media group I'm in, where the admin just had a vote on changing the name, because part of it was 'racist'..

    They had a vote, 99% of people voted to keep it.

    And those 99% are the exact same people who then started talking about how racist folk was towards them !

    And yet, they couldn't see racism right in front of their face !

    I've since posted there to try and point out to them this, but I doubt they will take any notice, since its fine for them to be racist !

    I was really quite amazed since I expected a much more caring attitude from a bunch of folk who had been victims themselves.
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    @Nanos Victimhood is an intersectional class. It also alleviates self responsibility. So in the end in order to stay a victim you have to blame other people for your problems.
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    @andrewoc name one nation which hasn't/hadn't had its members as slaves.

    Every single of them suffered from slavery, more or less. Mine too. Yours too. Idk where you're from but I'm sure of it.

    Master/slave is a concept, it's not a way to suggest historical events. Use of this concept in tech is not there to say that I or you are inferior. It's a concept.

    So what are you referring to as minority and how come you believe only minorities are touched by slavery?
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    @Demolishun That's why the left hates terms like "responsibility" and "accountability" for oneself. If people did that, they wouldn't "need" the leftists anymore, by and large. It's learnt helplessness.

    And yeah, changing IT terms does nothing for black ghetto kids who can't even read and think flogging drugs and being da gangsta in da hood is the way to become rich quickly. Instead, it's the way into prison - that is, if they aren't killed by their neighour kids before because they think the same.
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    Yes, every country suffered from slavery, but there are different traumatic events for different groups of people.

    Imagine if someone in the 70's decided to name software concepts related to subservience and control with terms used by the Soviet Union during it's brutal occupation of various eastern European regions of the world. It wouldn't be a 'friend' class or method, it would be comrade. It wouldn't be a stand-up meeting, it would be a soviet. It wouldn't be a master/slave, it would be a tortionary/enemy of the people. I know us both would be pretty outraged if that was the case.

    I think we should put ourselves in the shoes of other people more and actually try and imagine how would we feel if the standard way to refer to some terms would be really offensive to us.
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    @andrewoc frankly I wouldn't mind comrade/tovarišč 😁 that'd sound.. Worth remembering :)

    past is in the past. Friends/comrads/tovarišči were, are and will keep on being
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    Is just PR for those companies
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