With all the master being renamed to main & other similar renaming crap happening because people are offended.. how is it that noone has a problem with wash your colors & whites separately?! O.o // random thought when doing the loads the other day..

Or is this also a thing people are complaining about and just hasn't found a way to me yet.. ?!? 🤔

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    oh no, you're giving them new ideas 🙈
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    @PonySlaystation sorry!! xD
    But I am legit curious about what they will come up with..
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    I want them to re-dub the Star Wars movies. The “light side” and “dark side” are too biased towards people with darker complexions. Darkness doesn’t have anything to do with evil.

    I don’t actually feel this way but it is super easy to invent new ways to be offended.
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