To the UI/UXs... Which of these approaches is more Mobile User Friendly?
- A single screen with all 12 form fields visible to the user, where only four of these fields are optional and inputs are validated on submission.
----- OR -----
- A single screen with fields split into 12 sub screens, a form progress bar at the top, a next and previous button with "skip" button for optional fields, with inputs validated progressively.

You can imagine the contents of the form like the ones on surveys. I have already implemented the second option but in doubts of its friendliness, I also had previously implemented something similar to the first but with criticism from colleges stating it's too much fields in one screen.

I would love to see from your view and learn from your experience... What do you think?

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    Mix of the both. Group relevant inputs. like if you had first name and last name, they would belong on the same page.
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    Just my 2 cents. Group them together and make a max of maybe 2 screens? Or 3 at the most?
    Maybe add the progress thang on top aswell
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    12 fields? might as well be 9187439. tf you need 12 fields for, can't you make it shorter or collect some bits later?

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    3 fields max, or uninstall and forget the app.even existed.
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    To be more clear, this is what the second option currently looks like...
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    @GiddyNaya This is always the better option as it feels speedy to the user rather than being overwhelming.
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    I made it more like a question answer pattern stuff so it won't be boring... I can still compress the step-counts down like @magicMirror suggested.
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    @GiddyNaya i like it this way (12 pages)
    But you can get an additional boost (if you havent done it already) by automatically continuing once an option is selected, or using the native enter key for text inputs.
    It gives it a typeform like experience which is really satisfying to fill out
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    With 12 fields on a form you do not want to split to much (I will quit on page 4). Only split what feels logical in terms of grouping. Validate on leaving the field so you don't have a an invalid field (s) somewhere strewn a bout. That is the only annoying part of single page long form.
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    Feed the user bit by bit.
    If you force feed them, they just flip off because of too much information to work with.

    Doesn’t have to have a progress bar, even if you split it into two, or three sections should be plenty sufficient for most cases.
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