I know that the company is a big factor, but in general, who gets better work-life balance? Front-end developers or Back-end developers?

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    I don't think you can generalise this.
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    Haven't noticed difference
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    Id say backend. Everyone thinks they know design better then you and you have to appease the whims of project owners or what not. And the features they want that they think are easy but are hard to implement. Its a lot less of a headache on backend and you can shutdown their bullshit ideas more easily
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    Whoever has a backbone and can say NO to constant overtimes/work after hours
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    I beg to differ with anyone saying "backend". Actually, I'll say It depends on the users. For example, I might get a lot of shit on the overall speed of the system if It is not, for example, loading fast enough at startup (even tought there might be literallly a couple million of db records to load).

    Overall, it depends on both the client, the system and the QA.
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    As Frontend dev, backend

    It’s so painful to explain why we can’t just put everything in one sidebar.
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