Python uses “and” instead of “&&” a-what!!! 🤯

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    One of things I like in Lua became real in Python: word syntax 🤓 By the way, its treatment of "is" against "==" is somewhat confusing! I'd expect "is" to be loose (no object comparison), while "==" could be used for asserting object is same. But nada...
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    Yes it is almost like plain english 🤔
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    Python is supposed to be close to @pseudocode, and people call PHP bad 🤷‍♂️
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    yeah that one gets me EVERY time haha
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    I always trip up on
    in : not in :: is : is not

    Like come on, be consistent, I type "not is" all the time because I see it as the composition of a "not" and an existing operator...but noo we'll English it
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    if x is not None and x in sequence:
    rant = foo(x)
    if isinstance(rant, list) \
    and len(rant) > 0:
    y = [r for r in rant \
    if (r or r.title() and r.lower())]
    m = [len(s) for s in y if s]
    Q = y if 10 in m else None
    if Q is None:
    raise ValueError('idc')
    Q = iter(Q)
    while len(Q) > 0:
    n = Q.pop()
    print(n if n == x else "🦧")
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    Human language. Snakes.
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    So does SQL and PowerShell.
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