Told the recruiter about 4 times before my lunch interview that I was a working student (I could only take part time jobs).

Just as we sat down and got our food he asked me where I currently worked, and I gently reminded him that I was still, in fact, a student.

He had this weir look on his face as I had tried to trick him into a free lunch, as all the positions he had was for full time jobs.

Still ate the lunch and had awkward small talk the entire time.

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    Recruiter looks like shit, not your fault. Hopefully you now have a future opportunity
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    To many recruiters do not read up.

    I get a lot like that, especially UK based ones that flat out lies to both the customer and to the people looking for a job.

    I had one such instance, and this cannot be blamed on lack of domain specific knowledge since it was the difference between working on internal projects or as an external consultant. If the recruiter does not the difference of that their in the wrong business;)

    They said they had asked the company and been told if was for an internal position.

    Once at the site for an interview it took less than 3 minutes to find out it was not, they where looking for external consultants and had no internal positions.

    After another 2 min for me to finish my tea and explaining the promise I had received from the agency we shook hands and I left.

    When I called back to the agency and told them that their promise of an internal position was not true they actually got angry at me and hang up :)

    Luckily it was not I who had contacted them.
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    @Voxera That's bad 😞
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    That's a shitty recruiter indeed. They should apologise for wasting your time.
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    Had my old boss call me in to talk about this full stack/admin ad-hoc programming position...

    Sitting down with his boss it becomes readily apparent that what HE is looking for is someone like me - entry level dev, lots of experience with it projects (was closing on ten years), but he wanted to pay for an entry level IT supporter and those were the main duties too.

    Finished my cocoa and got the fuck out.
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