Was already communicating with a recruiter and made her very clear (a gazillion times) that I don't want a Microsoft related job.

After a few months she calls me telling about this amazing opportunity; a Microsoft related job.

Told her what I told her fifteen quintillion times before and she responded very guilt trippy/offended because she spent so much time on working this out for me.

Fucking retarded and awkward.

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    Here, have my angry ++!
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    What would not constitute a Microsoft related job?
    Everything does seem to be related one way or the other.
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    those recruiters will one day get lined up to the wa..
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    Working what out for you? I refuse to believe anything except that she already had this position on table from somebody and just wanted to shove it down your throat - that's how all recruiters work, they recruit people, not companies.
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    @myss just 1 word for them: scum.
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    @HitWRight Something where the primary task is not managing/installing/debugging miccrosoft stuff
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