recruiter of a company i was dying.to work in calls while im at work in a job i hated.

recruiter: hello, i saw the several applications you sent using our careers portal.

me: (rushes to bathroom ready to talk about scheduling the first interview) yes that is correct thank you fornbcontacting me !

recruiter: please stop applying several times, you have been rejected and need to wait a minimum of 3.5 years for us to re evaluate your resume in the future.

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    That's rough, buddy.

    Lesson learned: don't spam a company you want with your resumes.
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    Should have been 35 years instead.
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    3.5 years? Lmao even to google I think you can re-apply after 1 year if you got rejected.
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    Nice domain btw
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    Shitty company tho. 3.5 years seem like an arbitrary standard set by some cocky douchebag manager
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    "I'm sorry, I must have missed the rejection letter. Wanker."
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