I was merging using Visual Studio Code when I realised I wanted to merge neither the current nor the incoming code. I wanted it both gone. And that option does not exist!
Only accept one, the other, or both.
T'was a mildy interesting experience.

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    Thats more of a git thing in general, not jus vs code
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    Just delete both and move on
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    @C0D4 Dangit son. It's just text. Of course I deleted both and moved on. I just got surprised with a scenario that is so unusual it's not even in the auto merge options even though it's the only one missing.
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    Sometimes we just want it all to go away. I understand.
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    That's not really a merge then.
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    @electrineer Huh. I wonder what that was then.

    Branch A reacts to an event which does not exist in Branch B and branch B reacts to an event which does not exist in Branch A.
    Both events were removed on merge.
    Both events handlers were inside the same method and were marked as conflicting.
    Since both events no longer exist, I do not need those 2 handlers.
    Bum -> git checkout --none.
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