I bet the new Macs will cost an ARM and a leg...

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    Funny how you forgot the down payment kidney.
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    @akshar I think that's part of the process
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    @akshar That's for the proprietary C compiler.
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    No man if you try to sell body parts on black market

    arm is $12000
    Leg is $8000 (go figure)

    But the combined cost is $20000 that’s less than cost of mac

    Also kidney is like $30k for a piece
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    Ha ha! Being a Mac/iOS dev my services cost a lot as well and I am hoping the transition from the intel architecture will revive the market for me as it was during the PPC time. It will cut off all one legged, no kidneys kids ;)

    Well, maybe the future isn't that bright since I hate swift with passion?
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    Wow I totally missed your ARM pun! Noice :D
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    *Slow clap*
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    AMD I guess this was the latest Intel. Pentium believe it! Straight to the core.
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    Nvidia you know... They’ll RAM it straight into your harddrive.
    So many good puns.
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