R.I.P macOS 😢

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    If you mean the fact that they are going to stop using Intel processors, I think it is good strategic move for them.
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    I have to agree with @detrin, it does give Apple more control over their entire ecosystem.

    At least they are doing something to be compatible with Apple silicon processors in regards to Rosetta 2, I don’t think Microsoft did anything like that when they announced the Surface Pro X.
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    @detrin Moving away from Intel is a good move for everyone. Even those not buying anything Apple.
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    Does this mean rip virtual macs on intel pcs?
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    @Jilano I didn't realise that, but you are absolutely right.
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    @Jilano i didn't get your point. Could you please elaborate?
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    @detrin Was more talking about the (hypothetically) future fusion w/ iOS (even though they already have a lot in common).
    Using ARM is a smart and nice move indeed, except for the hackintosh community :)
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    @Jilano moving away from intel to their own solution also means harder times for third party repairs.
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    @24th-Dragon like the CPU wasn't already soldered onto the motherboard
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    @Jilano They are moving towards "Incel". It's so much better.
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    Wouldn't hurt if that damaged both Apple and Intel, two companies that are way too powerful.
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    @RISHABH1610 Intel has had way too much power for way too long resulting in prices increases, poor performance increases between generation, tons of abuses (cf. making new sockets for the sole purpose of forcing people to change their motherboards), lack of innovation, countless critical bugs, backdoors, etc.
    So if a company as big as Apple stop using their product, they might have to "clean" some people at the top and move their arses for once.

    Besides, a real completion is always a good thing for the public.

    @24th-Dragon At this point, I feel sorry for anyone who has to repair Apple products for a living. I can't describe that company while staying correct, so I'd rather not say anything else about them. (They're cunts)

    @rutee07 You might want to contact them! It sounds like a solid marketing plan!
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    @Jilano Thanks. I get it now.
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    just watched recap and after they showed microsoft office running on arm and 3 x 4k videos playing on final cut pro I can say R.I.P intel.

    Next news microsoft abandons c# for swift and adds support for arm for windows and it’s mind blown.

    Nvidia should start being scared too.
    AMD at least got console market for now.

    Apple killed flash now apple is killing x86
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    @zlot I didn't see that.
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    @vane Apple market share is around 10%


    So, no, they are not killing intel.
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    Not directly related to Apple, but the new most powerful supercomputer is also ARM based, and it rocks apparently.

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    @Demolishun So it actually might be 25% of all Intel CPUs sold, becuase there is also AMD and they have a good amount of market share there days.
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    @Demolishun damn statistics, what if everyone will follow their path then. I dig a bit this topic today and saw that arm is aiming for cloud and they lowered their commissions for cpu to compete with risc-v on iot market.

    Intel is nowhere near 5nm and what I dig into is that apple is releasing 5nm arm that claims to be 50% faster.
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    @vane My hope is this will force intel to compete. If the Arm army threatens their market then only good things will come to end user. I am bracing myself for cheaply priced 64 and 128 core machines in the near future.
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    @Demolishun I hope to get decent quantum computer before I die so I can find out what the weather would be tomorrow without tv and internet.
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    More like rip intel lol
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