Please tell me too. I will start right away. 😂

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    I actually think we had that guy here not long ago
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    <div Id="app"></div>

    Is all you need
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    I guess it depends on what you mean by ai
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    Here is your AI in HTML
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    imho that group become shitposting group gradually over past years. That's kind of sad

    Is html Turing complete?
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    Yes of caused. Actually, there is no better alternative to HTML

    (If at all then it’s XHTML: eXtreme HyperText Machine Learning)
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    @detrin Are our brains turing complete?
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    @Demolishun I cannot answer as I am being with my own brain
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    Yes you can hack NASA with HTML aswell
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    @detrin Can't blame peoples to shitpost in a group whose site hosting it is itself a giant dumpster
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    Also, we could just use the <machine-learning>-Tag. You just give it a problem and it’ll do:

    <ml problem=“hackFacebookAccount”>
    <ex-girlfriend />
    <now-ex-best-friend />

    And then the password will pop up at the screen.
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