In all the things related to code and Art , code obfuscation is my favorite

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    Why you didn't post the gif?
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    I have 2 questions here:
    - is that the obfuscated code? (sry if it's obvious🤷)
    - is that even valid c? If so, does it really start with "k;" or where is the start supposed to be?
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    @JS96 wasn’t sure it’s supported , let me try again
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    It’s too much work, not making gifs again ( original post is from linkedln)
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    - This is level 1 obfuscation ( there are more complex ones too)

    - Yes code obfuscation use the imperfection of a compiler, i have not tried to run it though
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    k; would be an int (as missing a type)
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    Cool gif, but care to share the link? :)
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    @ScriptCoded it’s somewhere in linkedin finding link is too much of a hassle
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    btw this is a well established contest: https://www.ioccc.org

    One of my favorites is the flight simulator: http://blog.aerojockey.com/post/...
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    My interpreter tried to understand too hard how a C can be donut-shaped.
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    oh wow someone made short C code to spin a 3d object and someone else fucked it with spaces. How inventive.
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    @Parzi There’s is nothing to innovate, it’s Art to obfuscate the code.
    There are more complex ones too

    every action/task in the world’s doesn’t need to be innovative/inventive

    Live a little 😊
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    @hardfault with a small enough font and high enough resolution i could do this to the shittiest possible code ever made to do the same thing. It's not even really art, someone threw spaces into code.
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    @Parzi Art is subjective, what it’s to you it’s not to me

    Let me give you an example
    There is painting that is sold for 20.6 million dollars ( it’s just a all white canvas)


    Anyone could have made it, answer to that is “they didn’t”

    “Similarly you could have made the same thing, but guess what you didn’t”

    Reason: when you saw code you looked it as a mere piece of code. But some saw and thought oh i can put spaces and obfuscate variables enough to make it a little deceiving

    This is very difficult reasoning to understand !!
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    @Parzi all though i find it impressive that you understand the code. it’s stills gibberish to me, please do point me if you get what each line is doing ,
    Specially the way they mapped 3D reflections is kinda awesome
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