If you could choose one, what should happen in 2020 :
1. Apple let developer build iOS apps on non Apple machines
2. NPM/Maven/... run 10x faster
3. Javascript dies and gets replaced by a better language
4. Governments stop trying to ruin encryption
5. Facebook splits
6. Quantum computers are being sold for consumer use
7. We have our first high - level generic AI working

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    I vote for 8. the asteroid to end it all. That or for @rutee07 to go on a world tour for... Reasons.
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    Oh my, my inner curious dev would love to see 1,2,3 to happen( i am assuming gradle builds are a part of 2 , THAT'S A MUST)

    but on a practical level, #8 :covid 19 gets eradicated but the world adopts a permanent worldwide lockdown culture and businesses run from home. Humans fuck up(sometimes literally) when they come together
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    3 but without the second bit.
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    @ltlian that is a full package I'm afraid. We need js for devrant to work on the browser lol
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    @StopWastingTime 1,2,3 same.

    If I'm being selfish I'd go for 1 and 2, but if I'm willing to help humanity I would go for 4 and 5.

    6 and 7 are still too risky to hope for IMO

    And 3? Well read my nickname, I can't wish for that 😁
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    4, Id start from the basics, we can build towards the cakes later
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    All of these are crap

    1) i dont give a shit, a mac mini is like 100$
    2) sbt runs fast enough, maven is okay, id much rather have good stacktraces than .1 second compilations
    3) i dont care, there are a billion transpilers and js is an okay language
    4) they are tryna ruin privacy, not encryption, mostly in the US. Move to a good country lmao.
    5) split my ass daddy
    6) what was that about ruining encryption?
    7) they are already working you just have to train them
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    @rutee07 That is also an acceptable answer. Go out with a big bang ;)
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    We already have a better language than JS, it's called TypeScript. Browsers just need native support, and yes, I know TS is based on JS, but TS is more robust in terms of language design
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    6 won't probably be possible, to preserve mixed quantum state and prevent decoherence you have to achieve very small temperatures with several steps of cooling. I doubt that resources needed for this, will ever be affordable by mere mortals.

    But I would like cloud version of quantum computers as soon as possible.
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    Can't choose only one :(
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    I think all of these and even more are achievable, I just wish that we don't kill a large fraction of the species and the internet doesn't fall apart for another few centuries. Growth is natural, and the only major barriers are the ease of destruction and the cost of infrastructure.
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    I chose 1a.
    Apple dies, gets bought out or whatever and someone is now building proper machines and slapping apple OS on them. That kind of machines as it was way back when.

    Normally Im apple hate-boy (?) (but not really, I just dislike them) but I played around recently with old macbook. How old? Well, it was PowerPC era. IT STILL F**ING WORKS FLAWLESSLY (although it has problems with modern web, go figure, thats like what? 600 mhz cpu?)

    Other than that Im conflicted between 4 and 5. and personally 3 sounds good.

    Final word? 5. No, 4. No, 5. GODDAMINT.

    *one random.org later*

    4 wins.
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    8. Have a working fusion reactor
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    @yellow-dog 4) not only the US, the EU is already taking that path. Not mentioning China that has already broken it.
    And yes, privacy would have been a better choice of words

    6) good point ahah
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    @react-guy [this comment has been redacted by the chinese government]
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    3. will save humanity
    7. will destroy humanity
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    This. I'd even amend this to be "tell the predatory environmentalists to fuck off because humans need to leave this dirtball and wind power won't cut it for that/dump fucktons of money into fusion research and implementation"
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