Boss said, we take July off (unpaid) after that let’s see
So wtf do I wait or do I hunt

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    You be the boss, a.k.a. freeeelance
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    Time to polish that Résumé you've been ignoring for awhile..
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    A month unpaid??

    That's a sign to roll of the back of this dead ship and climb onto another one.
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    I would seek a new job immediately. I would also file for unemployment, even though the employer will almost certainly reject it. It's absolutely unacceptable to expect your employees to wait around without any income for, "July and let's see."

    I'm really sorry to read that.
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    You should simply say if you're not getting paid for july, then you will end up seeking other opportunities in order to actually get paid. They are probably not able to sort out your salary, but would still like to keep you around. Very common thing to do. Also, maybe the government would cover you?
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    Unpaid 1 month means you are softly unemployeed. This is not acceptable. What if they expand the time more? Will you wait starving to death?
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    "Okay, I will see you in a month if I'm not able to scoop another job in the meantime." Don't come in. If any, work only if you think its fun, or negotiate equity. Come late, go early, don't bend over backwards for others.
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    You hunt the shit out
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    So you're laid off? Start hunting immediately.
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    You always should hunt for a job lol.
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    Let me translate from wanky boss language to human:

    “We got no more money but I’m too miserable to admit it”

    Hit me if you need a good cv template, after all that years I’ve become a pro at passing interviews
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    Thanks y’all..

    @uyouthe thank you so much , how can I get the CV template, that’ll be great great great awesome! Thank youuuuudjduy
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    Got an interview scheduled on Sunday
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    @scout hit me on email hello@miloslav.website
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