A friend of mine asked me which Linux distro is beginner friendly, I told him that gentoo is pretty beginner friendly. Next I find a laptop flying out of his house, ok no but he spent 5 days trying to figure out how to get the audio drivers to work.

It's been 10 days and now he's on Windows XP....

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    Ubuntu is more easy for beginners
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    bodhi is pretty beginner friendly. Small too if waiting on a iso to download is a problem
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    Prank or ye olde Linuxhead elitism, can't tell.
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    While Gentoo is great it's not something I would recommend at all to a beginner.
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    Arch or even better Gentoo is very beginner friendly
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    Yeah Linux from Scratch surely is very beginner-friendly
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    ROFL that's a good one
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    > Hey, I want to get more used to spicy food. What peppers should I start with?

    @PrathamPrasoon: I hear Carolina reapers are pretty nice.

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