This is some nevt level phishing. I wrote the guy who was listed in WHOIS an E-Mail, correcting his mistakes.

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    In his defense, average user will not detect those mistakes and will still login
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    @gitpush lol you should have seen the email. the average user wouldn't click on a pixelated screenshot of a paypal email, which was edited with mspaint (badly) and if the average user clicks that, I lost hope in humanity
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    A huge hint might also be the address
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    @BambuSource oh in that case then I guess no 😅
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    I always fill in the credentials with abuse.
    Email: fuckupieceofshit@diealone.com
    Password: yourmom
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    Usually I fill those with generated bs.
    If I'm able to retrieve some info related to the site, I might go a little more targeted and try to fill in some guesses on their credentials :p
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    Wow you can't realize it in the first look
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    @irshu Same 😂

    Mostly I type:
    Mail: GoFuck@YourSe.lf
    Pass: IFeelLikeYouDidn'tEvenTry
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    Write a script that fills this form automatically with random user names and leave it running for a few hours.
    You will fill up their database with so much junk, they'll lose any real logins that may come in
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix I like your thinking 😂
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix Do you have a guide that explaind this kind of script's for python-noobs like me?
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix This is what I do. Months of working with Selenium automation at a job I hated actually kind of paid off.

    I also use it (alongside a proxy) on those "Click here to donate a can of dog food / bowl of rice / etc." sites. Not sure they're happy with me, but idrc.
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    @n0ah probably just need to send post requests to their server. Simple loop around that and your done.
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    @n0ah it may be as easy as doing it once through the browser, capturing the post and then resending it with curl in a 5 line shell script. No python needed
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    They probably save the ip to filter spam. Wait a spam filtering spam. Kind of recursion incoming xD
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