Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

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    I knew my DIY underwear with built-in crotch moisture sensor integrated with nipple/ball clamps shock therapy would bring me success.
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    Why doesn't the quote bot post such quotes?
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    @asgs She's dead, ran out of quotes. :(
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    @asgs there is a quote bot 😲!!
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    @rutee07 Nope, she just got that restraining order on you, when her master Skyo returned.
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    Well the quote is ironical in all cases because not all those who are successful loves what they're doing and not all those who loves what they are doing are happy.
    You can become successful via supports, family ties, engraved willingness or revenge. Success will come only when all matching dots are put together whether consciously or unconsciously, one can be happy, sad, afraid, weary while doing it.
    Bottom line: The persistent key to success is continuous work in matching the dots to a targeted goal, and who wouldn't be happy after achieving this? So success yields happiness not the other way round.
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    Of course you are successfull if you love what you do.
    That success will definitely be something completely different than the majority defines as success. But that obviously does not matter when you are happy. And you are happy when doing what you love...
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