Non-developers (especially factory workers) don't understand the stress a developer goes through. They say: "What stress could you possibly have? You just sit with your ass behind a computer".

Yeah.. don't get me started.

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    Reply with "what stress could you possibly have? you just stand in front of a conveyor and screw something together"
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    I suggest avoiding people that stupid, they'll only bring you down to their level.
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    I get the same from my mom, who is a doctor.
    She is like "Is someone dying? No? Then relax."
    Pretty tough to argue :)
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    Meh, tbh most of them have a point. They generally work long, tough hours for less than minimum wage in practice, get the legal minimum in terms of breaks, have to log stuff like toilet breaks, get an absolute beating from management unless they're working at beyond a human level, have very repetitive, unsatisfying work and have no promotion opportunities.

    My retort to that would just be "So why the hell are you working in a factory? Come join us."
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    @NickyBones Some devs can answer yes to that question.
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    @kescherRant Less than doctors who can say yes to that. And normally between dev and dead people there is at least validation/QA , which is a luxury you don't have as a doctor.
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    @NickyBones Yes, but still: There is no good in invalidating someone's problems (and stress) because you perceive yours as worse.
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    @kescherRant It is however, very useful to have a healthy perspective about your problems. Otherwise, I can have a fit because I ran out of ice cream and tell you that you can't invalidate my struggle.
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    @NickyBones honestly, that's what calms me down when shit hits the fan.. "at least nobody's dieing".
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    @NickyBones not entirely correct, remember samsung phones exploding
    Or the Boeing 737 MAX bug , people died.
    For medical field there is no need for QA because, since i have been alive i have not seen any change in humans but software and hardware changed drastically
    Although any medical procedure like therapy/surgery& medicine always have human and rat trials that’s their QA
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    @hardfault I think you have wrong perception of what being a doctor means. First, new diseases are discovered all the time, like this Corona-mess. Second, when you have injured person coming to the ER, you have no time for the QA or support to question, you have to make split-second decisions to save his life, and no two injuries, or patients, are the same.
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    @NickyBones Agree


    even in ER it’s not like they innovate something new, like for covid-19 treatment they where using the practices/surgery/medicine that where proven before to be helpful, they do the “treatment of symptoms” in ER with “treatments” that’s already been verified ( to be administered to humans)
    QA is required for something that is new, so QA during ER is just impractical

    Again I don’t wanna belittle the contribution of a doctor. Yes their work is stress-full but isn’t superior or complex by any means
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    @NickyBones Unless you're in America, where there's a whole QA on if you have insurance or if you can pay the bills before you get treated.

    And if you can't, hoo boy you'll wish you died on the table.
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    This. There are routinely at least 60+ hands involved in producing one bill. What are the odds a single task spread over 60 people isn't rife with either errors or abuse?
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    @PlatinumFire We don't talk about that place, especially not since "you-know-what". We just watch from afar with a concerned look on our face.
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    And close the borders because our religious nutjobs are perfectly happy trying to pray a disease into remission.
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    @SortOfTested Surely it's going to work as well as every time they tried that technique.
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    Totally fixed the black plague, and we all know that's why they never contract AIDS. 🙄
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    I have worked assembly line, inspection, manufacturing, and engineer. On top of all that I am a developer as well.

    The thing you have to realize, nobody can see the other side unless they have walked that mile.

    Pulling a 12-16 hour shift because the next guy called in is pretty fuckin stressful, especially when you're running on 4 hours of sleep because you spent the previous night teaching yourself development concepts.

    Having said that, I would gladly go back and not have to deal with corporate assholes that have to pull a power trip because they feel unfulfilled in their career choice.
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    I never take the high road on those things. Ever, I am not that big of a person in which I just stay quiet and don't give shit back to them.
    "you don't know what real work is, you stay in your AC office all day in front of a computer, while I have to be out in the oil rigs"
    Me: "Yeah imagine that, thank the heavens I was smart enough to get a bachelors of science in a highly sought after field in which I don't have to be out in the sun like a fucking lizzard boiling through my work, 10/10 bud, oh and I still get paid way more than you do, shit sucks eh?"

    Fuck them, people are not aware that it is perfectly normal and acceptable to change their opinions and perspective based on being presented with new information. I had this technique for getting information out of people that I was delighted to find was referenced inside of the Sherlock tv series (with Benedict Cumberbatch), basically, want to get info from people? Argue with them, they will not answer questions, but will contradict
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    This is exactly what my parents say
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    This rant started with good point, but comments took it to altogether another place.
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