It all started on a nice summer afternoon. I was minding my own business just using my wonderful laptop with Windows 10 software installed. Then I woke up and realized the truth. I am sick of the scams, the lies, and the games. Today you will all see the same colors as me.

Most of you are probably on a Microsoft device and have had problems with it. A great example of Microsoft's failure is the line of phones they attempted to market. I was forced to own one for a period of time and it is absolute agony. Never force this way of life on another human being. While we are here, why the fuck is Optifine only available for Java Minecraft. Why even have two versions of the game when they cost the same?

These petty offenses are nothing compared to what I am about to tell you. As we all know, Bill Gates is friends with Mark Zuccerberg. Mark is known for his cult of reptile info scammers. Just this association alone is a red flag. This means that Bill Gates is a reptile as well. Reptiles only trust other reptiles.

These "people" are lying to us! Bill Gates just wants you to think he stepped down so he doesn't get the hate and shunning that comes with liking Microsoft. It was just an excuse to get his cult followers to do his job for him so he could run the new world order and the pedophile ring that he co-owns with Jeffrey Epstein. You think Satya Nadella is the "New CEO"?! Bullshit. He is just another Microsoft fleshlight.

Not only is Bill a disgusting liar, but he predicts the future and uses it to his advantage. This is how he has built his cult following and his multi-company empire.

You people need to wake the fuck up and boycott Microsoft. You are all being subliminally brainwashed into thinking it's okay and that "It's just the software" NO. Stop supporting pedophiles. Stop supporting reptiles. Stop supporting shitty products, and STOP LICKING THE CORPORATE BOOT. In conclusion, fuck Microsoft.

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    Have you tried the wonderful Linux masterrace
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    Sounds like anger issues but alright.
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    @alexbrooklyn Linux isn't really an alternative because it's what happened when a Nazi UFO tried to cloak itself with the chemtrails that were originally designed to make frogs gay, and the fallout accidentally hit Torvalds while he was in Bielefeld.
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    Reptile here: None of this is true. Ignore this post. Your life is happy.
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    @broseph I AM happy, my life is a joke and nothing is true.
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    Drugs, not even once
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    Just wait till conspiracy theorists discover they're part of a conspiracy theory to use conspiracy theorists to spread disinformation via conspiracy theories...I should write a nested loop for this
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    @Gaveuxifort Would likely segfault or loop forever. Conspiracy theorists should be a part of conspiracy to spread disinformation, not conspiracy theory. Otherwise you have a bunch of circular theories which exist only in theory what would make any implementation very difficult.
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