So apparently markets that are getting HBO Max are about to lose their ability to stream the full Ghibli catalog anywhere else. And they'll only be offering a handful of the titles from it in the most market-friendly cuts, even though they licensed broad market distribution rights to the whole thing.

Not a strong start, about from I expect from AT&T though. Now people the world over get to see how shitty the murican telephone conglomerates are. 🥳

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    Tagging checks out.
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    I maintain that piracy is a viable streaming alternative and developer/studio support isn't even often given from legit stores anymore so that argument is mostly moot anyways (it's all publisher support now for anything older than like 2013.)
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    I just get passionately angry when streamers:

    A) license content they don't intend to use


    B) license content, especially niche and make all the same mistakes previous licensees of in the same niche have made and effectively allow it to die on the vine

    Being without a quality legal option reduces the potential for future commerical interest, which reduces the investment in future product
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    I don't think this will make creators want to work with HBO. How would you feel if someone said that your content can only be accessed through them, thus limiting your market?
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