Do you listen to music when you have to be productive during a fixed period of time? What kind of music then? Or do you prefer a quiet environment? I am curious about what are your pro-life-tips devs.

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    I generally prefer silence, but if that is unobtainable music can work.
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    Personally I prefer music with my nc headphones. For me it's not about the music but the noice canceling so that I do not hear my environment at all.
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    Honestly it depends...if I need to figure out some bug that's giving me a hard time I like silence so I can think...if I have to do a task that needs a lot of code (like a new endpoint with all the resources it needs) then I prefer some music in the headphones
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    I don't. It's sometimes good to have some ambient sound like talking or music on the background, but I'm not really listening to that. When I'm listening to music, I'm not doing anything else.
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    Always music (except when sleeping, showering or socializing).

    I listen to the main genre called hardstyle only really but mostly to its subgenre raw hardstyle/rawstyle.

    It just depends on my mood/the situation what exact sub-sub-genre i listen to!
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    If the given task requires focus and reasoning, I work best with quiet, instrumental-only (or with unintelligible lyrics) music like The Witcher 3 OST. On the other Hans, if I have to do some grunt work by hand which doesn't require mental effort, but is kinda repetitive and needs attention, any song I know and enjoy will do.
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    I agree, when I need to think deep, silence is best. when there is no silence, I take some meditaion music.
    Repetitive work, or things like code documentation or creative writing etc. justo go easier with music IMHO.
    And especially taking public transport, music is crucial for me.
    So, depending on situation, for focussing, I like things like Heilung / Viking sounds, Trance, Jungle etc.
    For pacemaking I like classic metal, electric swing, sub reggae, abstract hip-hop and some other weird things.
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