What's everyone looking forward to these days?

With wfh, and well bring stuck at home honestly feels like there not much difference between a weekday and a weekend. Or a vacation vs staycation. I used to look forward to the latter, but well my game collection getting boring and I can other take out anyway of the week now.... Same with taking walks when the weather is nice... Now it's dinner tho so too hot.

And part of me feels like going into the office so I don't have to pay for AC...

But everyday sorta feels the same now...

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    ah yes this new reality drives me also nuts.

    I started dreaming off buying a $11'000 furniture cnc wood router robot from alibaba and start building low cost wikihouses out of plywood.

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    @shakur parametric architecture (algorithmic design) is fascinating isn't it? Just enter your desired size, rooms and sun position on a website. By a push of a button it spits out gcode to cut your house.

    Wikipedia - parametric design

    Fully customized, modular solar house is cnc cut prefab

    Also the youtube channel The B1N i like. https://youtu.be/aBHc2GsPU5E
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    @shakur that DMU is expensive
    you can get a 1300×2500mm working table sized industrial grade cnc wood router for $5000 from alibaba.com Although you have to feed the machine manually.

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    @shakur as far as i understand you can use whatever software you like for pretty much any machine as long it outputs gcode or SVG. (yes the graphics format for the web) Which pretty every CAD software does. gcode was invented in the 1970ties and is a standard to control servo motors.
    G-code - Wikipedia
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    I look forward to getting out of this fucking mess of my live at the moment.
    Everything's going happily down the stream and I'm aware of it but don't do anything because I'm a lazy fuck and knowing that I am one frustrates the shit out of me but I'm to fucking dumbass lazy to do something about it.

    Anyway I'm looking forward to drinking with the buddies.
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    Beach, forest, or my first trip to a different country. I planned to go on vacation every month (even small weekend ones) last December. I did that for December, January, February, and March. I saved up money to go London later in October and somewhere in South East Asia earlier but all that went to shit when the lockdown began.

    Now I'm focusing on home improvements and rekindling my interest in gardening and electronics which is not so bad. I plan to setup some solar panels because my electricity bill tripled since staying at home 24/7. Also setting up an outdoor office in the balcony to get some sun and maybe reduce electricity consumption.

    "But everyday sorta feels the same now..." This is relatable though. Sometimes I don't even know what day it is anymore.
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    @rutee07 ah sorta like my dad, he's the handy man. But that's why I love in an apt usually. Only home improvement I can do is buying stuff to fill the rooms, small stuff
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    I'm really looking forward to coming home, been away for a year and it seems that my flight really will fly so fingers crossed 🤞🤞
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