Apple's iOS doc is absolutely dog shit.

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    Let me fix up the documentation for you.

    init() : Initialize the thing we don't want you to find out but need to put this method into documentation because people will raise hell otherwise. Honestly I am too lazy to make up some believable thing so I am just going to skip it.

    Now the documentation look more proper. On serious note I think having an empty documentation is better than a wrong documentation.
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    I'm more interested in the fact you don't know what init() is to begin with.
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    @mr-user @SortOfTested Don't worry guys, he must be using Internet Explorer. #NoBrowserShaming
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    this is on purpose, just like all the holes in the docs elsewhere. Why would they let other apps use the half of the API reserved just to speed up Apple's apps?
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    @C0D4 There is more to an init method than "tHIs iNitS aN objEct".

    For example, what default values will it have. Which state will the object be in right after initialization ...
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    @SortOfTested I know this might be a surprise to you.....but.......

    There is more than one class with a god damn init method!
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    @devAstated WTF is internet explorer?
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