Working on an enhancement for a legacy product that's been in the industry for about fifteen years... The situation is that I fix one defect and give more pop up. I'm frustrated so much that I give up twenty times a day.
Please tell me that's how you work on legacy software 😔

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    Five... I meant five more pop up
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    Well, all I can say is that reworking code is cancer without proper documentation.
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    Legacy code not written according to good practices, SOLID, is doomed to be fragile - that's the quality you are referring to. It's, unfortunately, more often the case than not..
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    Same, mister, same. Shit I'm trying to forget while working on enterprise system E***** just won't go in pipes, instead it keeps popping up.
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    @netikras I think most of the code was migrated from an earlier platform to the current one using some kind of translator tool. So most of it still uses the functional approach.
    Not sure whether I'm qualified to comment on the quality though..
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    @Ranchu there is a very detailed documentation, but only about the functional prospects. But a lot of the times, figuring out what a method is supposed to do and how it's doing that (or even if it is doing that) takes up a lot of time. It's so frustrating to identify which block is handling which functionality when you have fifteen methods wrapped up in one...
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    @mgarg what on the unholy name of...
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    @vintprox not sure what you meant there, but in contrast, I'm trying to remember all the aspects I should he keeping in mind whenever I've to make the slightest changes..
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