Hey peeps just asking for some suggestions. We are currently having difficult times financially. My dad used to have food business but its now completely shut down and he is doing some sales job. My mom is somewhat educated (she completed till class 12th i guess) and knows very little abouts computers and stuff but she is interested in getting some job that's remote and computer based.

What things should i give her to learn that she could land a job in computer field?
Like am not talking about programming or development but other non tech fields people get paid for... Like data entry , emails writings etc. Currently i have given her courses to learn ms excel, ms word and basic English.
(Personally am also looking for a job but i know how you guys hate job postings . Checkout my website if you have something for me)

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    Can you/she sew? Masks are gonna be in business for a while to come.
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    Virtual assistant or online tutorial seems to be a thing. Maybe she would be better at the latter. Not sure where to find them though
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    @iamai second this for getting up and running quickly. She can always grow in the space/complexity if it works out for her.
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