Had to send my new, shit Nokia phone in for repair as the forced update fucked half the built-in apps. My dad tells me "use my old phone for now, it's terrible." He hands me an LG V20.

Spec relations:
Nokia 3.1 A vs LG V20
RAM: 264MB free w/ nothing running vs 1342MB free w/ nothing running
CPU: 4-core 1.7GHz vs 4-core 2.1GHz
Onboard storage: 16GB/5GB user-accessible vs 64GB/51.5GB user-accessible
Battery life: 7 hours under load to 4 hours under load

I don't think he's getting this back.

(He doesn't use it as "it's so slow" but like... with proper care, the only issue is that switching apps sometimes doesn't fully clean the LCD of the old app and it burns in really fast, but minor annoyances for a WAY better device?)

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    Last year, I bought a Galaxy Note 8. just within 3-4 months: the battery got bigger, the front camera got blurry, the screen got disconnected, the back glass got shattered because of the battery, the charger doesn't work anymore in any phone, and so on. So, I was forced to use my almost 10 year old Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini (ST15i) & it didn't feel that bad except that the screen is too small.
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    @Xoka well Galaxy Note 8s were subject to a massive global recall due to faulty batteries, so it was certainly a gamble... 😑
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    @kwilliams People were getting two products for the price of one (phone and bomb) and still complained...
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    @Jilano "it's a feature not a bug".
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    @kwilliams @Jilano Cannot agree more :D
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    @kwilliams that was the Note 7.
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    Why not install lineageos on the v20?
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    @electrineer I get to use it on the stipulation of stock, no root.
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