I worked for a company who supplied CERN with some ultra high end equipment.

At one point the guys at CERN email me "Problem, check this out."

The picture was of some burnt out ultra expensive cards that fit into a larger chassis... the cards looked like they had been exposed to a fire that was located exactly between the cards, but none of the cards themselves looked like they had been on fire. The chips and such looked burnt, but more so exposed to a very hot fire, not like they were on fire themselves.

It was weird. I sent them some crates to securely ship them to our QA folks, and ordered them up about $500k in replacement equipment.

QA later said they never got the equipment, someone "from another department" picked them up from the dock. And CERN never asked about what QA found, that was weird because they always asked.

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    Perhaps a black hole accidentally summoned between the cards
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    @shakur at the time i worked for a company who made some networking and storage equipment
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    Sounds like theft to me
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    Seems like equipment was overpriced anyways so no one actually cared wether its lost
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