Juste before the smartphone explosion (~2008), I was working on a virtual machine for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android 1.0, and basically every feature-phone of the time.

The VM (coded on good ol' C) would interpret a bunch of HTML, JS, CSS files (more or less like a browser) to run some tiny widgets above the phone's UI, basically allowing us to make multi-platform, custom UIs for low-end phones.

Everything was coded from scratch (except the JS engine which was a fork of SpiderMonkey), the VM could run multiple instances of itself, took around ~2MB of RAM to run (the exe contained everything in 1MB).

Oh, and we were a team of 3 beginner developers.

Fun times, no sleep times ❤️

EDIT: wow, the website is still alive O_o http://viamobility.com/

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    This is very interesting! Any chance this was an OSS?
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    @netikras Nope, fully closed-source, sorry (I don't have them).
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    @zlot I applied for the beta tester program. Hope I'll get selected!
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    @Jilano Well, since the company went bankrupt in 2010, I really hope that you get selected as well 😁
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    Maan I missed Samsung widgets too, it is the reason why google maps api doesn't change lol, still has good "support" with shazam etc.
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