How possible is it to have a decentralised internet?
Because currently we have an almost centralised net... Where the major players are Google, Amazon, Alibaba and the likes acting as data holders.
This really bothers me and it's fair to say that the original dream of an internet for the people, by the people, is long gone.

Can we foresee a p2p in place of this monopolitic centralised internet?

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    Impossible. The internet was decentralised as architecture, and it still went centralised. The number 1 reason is "network effect". That's a social thing, not a technical one.
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    Probably wont happend. But you can start by joining the Fediverse
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    I foresee a time when so many websites will be dropped from the mainstream net that the dark net will be as big or bigger than the main net. At that point other players that live in the dark net will have their own search engines that list the unlistable websites/networks. Maybe we will see this line drawn based upon political leanings. There will obviously be things that nobody will list. So maybe the net will be split in 2. I can certainly see a freedom net and a net controlled by specific interests such as governments and corporations. Anyway, not sure how the split will be, but I can see one coming.
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    I meant to say split in 3 or more.
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