Have been pissed at the guy who wrote the js on the project im working on (its just so messy!). Same project has python scripts I need to look at to squash a bug, and this. code. is. so. clean. They should have let this guy write everything in python. Im ashamed I ever hated on him.

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    Maybe python is his jam and he's still learning js proper
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    I think Python is meant to be clean and easier to read. It doesn't work if you indent the code badly. You HAVE to follow the structure or it won't work. Can't comment on his way of naming conventions, efficient coding or coding less redundantly.
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    @devAstated It’s “meant to”, some of the messiest code I’ve seen is in python. Especially on big codebases is easy to just trust in the easiness to read and end up with something unreadable.
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    i am (possibly) in this picture and i don't like it
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