This is so annoying, I had 9 diff. jobs the past 2 years and this is my 10th and if this doesn't change I might reconsider my options again.

I came to work at a company that pays me like a Junior and treats me as an intern. My 20yo "boss" who acts as a project owner/lead dev doesn't want to learn anything new and sees any improvement as a waste of money. The problem is he thinks hes a great programmer but he doesn't know shit. Im mainly working on the Laravel installation because "I claimed I know Laravel". And its absolute garbage. They haven't used a single Laravel features besides routes and everything else is vanilla PHP. They write for loops that loop through $_REQUEST to remove a single character. Write 100 deep nested ifs and they abuse Elasticsearch to the point ES crashes because the program is using 1000 deep multidimensional arrays. Its only a webshop...

Everytime I try to make a suggestion like making the master branch protected, doing code reviews etc etc I get shut down because they are autistic and don't want anything to change.

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    20 years old?
    Boss and great programmer?
    yeah right....

    however are they really autistic or was that a joke?
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    @heyheni I don't know if they really are or not. Usually autistic people hate change.
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    10 jobs - 2 years.

    are you trying to appear unemployable or is it just a tonne of contract work?

    As for this job, run... run far far away and let it burn.
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    @C0D4 unemployable, Im ready for benefits. Rather be poor my whole life than wasting it working for idiots.
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    They should make the master branch protected. Make some branches, for testing for example. Make them have code reviews first and let them accept your merge (2 people). In that way, they have to check the code and it prevents bugs in master. It's way better from what i have experienced. If you don't do it, people will just throw code in master without checking the code, it will be a mess.

    Try to talk about it with your boss and teammates. Maybe they will accept it. If they don't, it's basically their fault for all the bugs, they could have done it differently.
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    I’m at my second job this year. I got fired and I didn’t want to quit, because I simply need money to live until I found something truly fitting.

    Now it’s time to properly invest research for a new company as I’m also sick of those amateurs who think they know it all by looking at a fucking example code online.

    My last boss was unable to learn anything as he has „no time“ or was busy dealing with his fourth child. At the same time, the team is acting like everything is fine, but still nag behind his back. And then he‘s sayin it’s _my fault_ that the team is falling apart?

    It’s not my fault that he doesn’t grasp the internal situation, I was just the one who uncovered it all!

    This guy should get his ducking priorities right. No wonder „he is not feeling well in control of the company“.

    Sometimes I really wonder how those companies still didn’t fall apart.
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    @Shayley when head is poisoned, the best option is to leave company rather than make suggestions that will be overheard anyway.
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    @vintprox That is true. The suggestions will probably not be heard, sadly.
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    Intrigued as to what BS they fed you for you to join in the first place.
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