I thought I could trust Samsung phones for a flagship phone purchase over the Chinese smartphone brands.

But I just learned that even these fuckers are now running ads in the OS.

I guess I'm gonna have to switch to iPhone then.

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    All aboard the custom phone os ship!
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    Ads injected into the OS is so wrong! Why would someone think that it'd be good to bring ads between the user and their machine. The only function of any interface is to become invisible between the two. But some companies think that interfaces are just banners :/
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    Since your jumping ship, Here's the app you'll need for ads in general, takes a bit of setting up though.

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    I'm interested in a source for that. I have a Samsung device for work, and have yet to encounter one of those.
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    Seems like the brand name provided a hollo reassurance ... *badum-tss*

    Way back around when the first Android phones started coming out, I used to be completely convinced that rooting your phone only brings unnecessary risk... to some degree, it did back then more than it does today. But then the Ads experienced the big bang and ad blockers started to look really appealing due to ridiculously annoying ads. But then Ads started becoming intrusive and violent, and now posed a security risk intentionally as malware or unintentionally thanks to spaghetto code ... so ad blockers have become necessary for safe browsing today. And through that extent - rooted phones with system-wide adblockers have become necessary. :(
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    @Jilano different regions come with different base os images and are more or less susceptible to Ads or bloatware pre-installed. For example - OS image for North American region may have more bloat pre-packed and may show more "great offers" during initial setup and throughout the phones lifetime than say an OS image for a tiny country in bumhug nowhere where global Ad agencies are not interested whatsoever.
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    @C0D4 I hate iOS but I can bear it for the ecosystem and apple watch. If Android manufacturers are becoming desperate like this, I'll be jumping ship.
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    @theKarlisK You're right, definitely a region thing

    @HoloDreamer Thanks
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    And then you can have your details sold to Chinese companies by Apple China, much more direct!
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    Get a Note9 (even used) and only update it until the last Android 8.1 update. Best phone you'll ever have, and no bs or ads to bog it down.
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