Got a deadline coming up and not in the mood to work. Like, brain is not cooperating at all. ☹️

... Maybe I'm just too stupid for this.

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    Whats the work and whats your role?
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    @sandeepbalan I could answer, but first you'll have to sign an NDA. 😜
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    @NoMad I mean I am just tired of this tech shit even in my younger age. So I was wondering you are getting like that
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    @NoMad you working for the NSA?
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    @Ranchu lol. I wish 😛 (not really, but then they'd pay me more at least)
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    @NoMad I'd sign that NDA but I'm too tired ...
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    Sounds like the precursor to burnout. Been there done that, do not recommend.

    I'm at the point in my career where if I'm not getting some nice benefits for putting in 12-16 hour days, I'm gonna go fuck off after 8 hours.

    You want good hard workers? Pay them.

    I still hope to retire in my 50s, even if that means selling my house for something smaller.
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