Who here feels this way?

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    This is what I think when I see that frontend development is almost entirely done in JavaScript now.

    Meanwhile, people complain about how much memory their browsers use.
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    Not sure what this is referring to, but in my area (backend, primarily Java / Kotlin at the mo but I'll use whatever) I couldn't disagree more.

    There's lots of great established & emerging languages out there, and great communities around them that have been more accessible than ever in lockdown. Existing popular languages these days are almost all open, as are most of the popular frameworks / libraries. Reliable infrastructure couldn't be easier with the advent of containers & container orchestration, and there's a stupid amount of choice over where you host your stuff, and it's never been cheaper or easier. There's also been a huge boom in recent years in good, (often free) content for learning new stuff.

    I mean sure, I have my quibbles with stuff, but on the whole I certainly wouldn't go back to where we were 10 years ago.
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    The more troubling trend, in my opinion, is the fact that the tech industry is tilted as heavily as it is on web technologies. People who know infrastructure technologies, and development for platforms outside user experience, are becoming fewer and fewer.

    I personally think it's because of these deficiencies that linux distros that focus on flexibility with a steep learning curve are on such a sharp increase right now.

    I agree that it's a very exciting time to be in tech, but the biggest field within it is extremely uninspired.
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    "So glad I am not in tech anymore" ... "Y'all are a goddamn mess"

    Seriously WTF? First how can you not "be in tech"? Everything anyone does anymore is going to be exposed to tech. If you have a desk job you WILL have to learn how to use office software and possibly do calculations using spreadsheets at the least. As time goes on you will have to learn new software and people with many different disciplines may even be required to program on some level.

    Second, blaming us all in tech for a mess? Not taking responsibility for your inability to make it? We don't need your victim attitude in this industry. We have too much of that shit already.

    I would have much more respect for the opinion of "not for me" than "you all suck so I left". FUCK YOU TOO!
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    I am tired of late night works. pressure, monitoring,bug reporting, demos, unnecesssary tensions. All with a belief of i can make some fortune out of it.So that i can have some food when i am alone and oldage
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    @Demolishun I totally agree.. I still have to admit I feel like the field is a bit fucked up.

    I can't find the numbers anymore but we have a shit load of depressions.
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    @Demolishun exactly my way of thinking, when I switched college after 2 years ( i was 2nd year then but couldn't do it anymore) I just said to people - "I am not good at this and it doesn't interest me as I tought it will!"

    I switched and finished other college without issues and yes some classes were boring but most of them were cool and interesting to me.

    Don't blame others, you have to start with yourself first.

    On the topic, nah its not that people in the industry are crazy or insane or whatever. The thing is every industry and company at some point in time has at least one asshole that makes it hard for others. How that asshole is handled makes the company better or worse.

    TL;DR: It is about working with assholes, not about industry!
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    I think only people who are in it purely/mostly for the money feel that way.

    I love what I do, and even if it wasn't good money i'd probably do it anyway
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    We're glad you're not in tech anymore too, Sonia :)
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    That's a bit of a red herring. Front end grows in terms of bodies due to any number of factors. Actual need isn't one of them.

    The fact is there isn't all that much work around the industry, we just seem to have this fetish for hiring low skilled resources and the people who make hiring decisions assume adding more of them will at some point overtake the productivity of a small team of skilled engineers. The cog mentality is what's crushing the statistics.
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    @bahua i get your sentiment but that's not true, a lot of front end is CSS too.

    But to your point about JS, that's what happens when a programming language that was designated as a scripting language evolved to be used as an all-purpose, portable programming language.
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    Don't worry You will get used to it. :D
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